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Become a Here for Horses Partner

Become a Here For Horses Partner

Are you interested in being “Here For Horses” at a foundational level and shaping the next chapter of our industry engagement and awareness strategy? Become an American Horse Council (AHC) Marketing Alliance Partner, and join us as we seek to create lifelong engagement between the public and the equine industry and community.

The AHC Marketing Alliance is a privately funded initiative that seeks to educate the public on the many benefits of equine connection, and offer pathways and resources for interested individuals to take the next steps and see or experience horses. The Marketing Alliance is built from the understanding that a thriving and robust equine industry benefit all who are a part of it. The MA serves as an advisory body and “think tank” tasked with charting awareness and engagement efforts on our industry’s collective behalf.

Partnerships are available in three forms:

New partners are subject to approval by current MA partners and the American Horse Council Board of Trustees.

Interested in becoming a partner in the American Horse Council Marketing Alliance? Send us a message below.

Please note that we can only read and respond to inquiries in English.

At this time, our efforts are focused on building awareness of the many resources available through our partner organizations. As such, requests to republish content and articles will be politely declined.

Please tell us a little bit about your interest in becoming a Here For Horses partner.